LOFWIND™ String Wound Filter Cartridges

LOFWIND™ String Wound Filter Cartridges can be used in the filtration of water treatment, sea water desalination, condensate preparation, process water, photo chemicals, film development, edible oils, solvents, galvanic baths, fats, acids, bases and chemical processes.

Features and Benefits

  • String wound depth filter cartridges
  • Broad range of applications due to wide chemical compatibility
  • Many different combinations of filter materials and inner cores

Filter Specifications and Dimensions/Parameters

Rentention Ratings:

0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 μm

Maximum Differential Pressure:

2.5 bar @ 25°C

Maximum Working Temperature:

Polypropylene: 80°C
Cotton: 160°C
Glass fibre: 400°C

Filter Medium:

Bleached Cotton
Baked Glass Fibre
Washed Polypropylene

Centre Core:

Stainless Steel
Tinned Steel


5”, 9¾”, 10”, 19½”, 20”, 29¼”, 30”, 39”, 40”

Inside Diameter:

28 mm

Outside Diameter:

62 mm

LOFWINDTMFilter Cartridges